Experienced & innovative 

Packaging Industries Limited is a world class manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions
and is one of the largest in the Eastern and Central African region.

PIL Premises We deliver customised, high quality print solutions for flexible packaging options. When you need packaging that is practical, affordable and does justice to your product and brand image, PIL is your best choice.

Quick turnaround and unbeatable quality coupled with excellent customer service is why customers depend on us as their custom flexible packaging solution provider. Headquartered in Nairobi - Kenya, our strategic location helps us reach out and cater to the needs of our customers. Our biggest advantage to customers is that we are vertically integrated, producing the plastic film, designing the graphics, printing and manufacturing the packaging, all in-house. That’s how we keep both, quality and delivery timelines, completely in our control.

Being light in weight and easily transformable into various shapes and sizes, plastic bags are the answer for the need of convenient packaging. Plastic packaging can also be applied to a variety of customer needs, both household and business use, and is now essentially a part of daily life.

One of our core competencies is the ability to offer invaluable tailor-made solutions for packaging needs across all industries. This technical input can make a great impact on the profitability of the brand/product and can be a critical factor in its success on the retail shelf.


  • Better registration
    Attractive innovative designs that stand out on the retail shelf
  • Uniform batch quality
    Consistent brand packaging on the shelf
  • Longer acting seals
    Better handling of package across the entire distribution chain.
  • Recommendation of the right substrate
    Increased shelf life of both the packaging as well as the product.
  • 500 kg to 5 ton capacity
    Neither cost nor our delivery schedules are ever compromised


We have been operating since 1985. 

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We offer extrusion - upto 7 layer; printing -up to 8 colour flexo; inhouse reprographics with CTP Technology; Lamination; Laser, hot needle & macro perforation; and Slitting.



We ensure that our our health and safety systems are compliant with the required laws & standards.